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LEGAL ISSUES: Miranda Decision (among others) when and how to Mirandize a suspect. Quit blowing cases because someone gave you the wrong information or you watch too much TV.
PREPARING FOR COURT: How to conduct lengthy interrogations and be prepared to answer any and all questions during Court proceedings. We arrest and we should help convict.
TRUTH AND DECEPTION: How to detect if a person is lying to you during any type interview.
GAME PLAN: An entire game plan for conducting all investigations from the crime scene to obtaining that all important legal confession.

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We Get Confessions Book by Ret. Lt. Albert Joseph

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Following are a few of the many comments we receive from former students and clients who have purchased the book "We Get Confessions" by Lieut. Albert Joseph, Jr. [Ret.]
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We are now using what we have learned in your book and it works great. We are still fighting with how to start different interviews, but once we get moving, it just works. This is now slowly spreading to other departments. Our confession rate has sky rocketed. My bigest hurdle is getting cops to READ THE BOOK and PRACTICE THE BOOK (we now call it THE BOOK).

What would the cost be to get you to Terre Haute Indiana to train? We would be offering the class to all of the surroundind agencies to cover the costs.

Det. Mile Phelps
Vermillion County, Indiana

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We Get Confessions Seminar

On behalf of the Lewiston Police Department I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your professional and informative interrogation/Interview Seminar.

The police officers learned new interrogation techniques for successfully obtaining quality confessions in all areas of law enforcement. We are very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to learn from the "best".
Thank you again for all your efforts. 

Sergeant Frank Previte
Lewiston Police Department

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Entertaining and Informative

"Here is a book every police officer, who works the street and does investigations. will enjoy. It is written by a practical, no-nonsense, cop who understands the meaning of good and evil. ...All police officers should have a copy of this entertaining and informative book."

The Law Enforcement Trainer
July/August 1997

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Thousands of Books Sold

Please reach out to us directly rather than clicking through to Amazon.  We appreciate all the sales that have and continue to occure on Amazon; but, if you are on this site right now, please CLICK HERE to place your secure purchase order and have the book shipped ASAP!


Thousands of Officers Trained

Over the past 40 years, thousands of police officers have benefitted from taking the live class.  Class sizes vary from as few as 12 to 50+ attendees.  Please reach out to us to request a training course in your area of the country.  CLICK HERE to learn about the live training course.


Convictions and Criminals Off the Streets

Training which includes the book has resulted in many convictions [approximated here] that may have otherwise been lost and the criminal would still be on the streets committing more crimes
with incident citizens as there victims.

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