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Client Testimonials for We Get Confessions by Lieut. Albert Joseph, Jr. [Ret.]

We Get Confessions Testimonials

Testimonials for the
We Get Confessions
Book and Live Course
by Lieut. Albert Joseph [Ret.]


We are now using what we have learned in your book and it works great. We are still fighting with how to start different interviews, but once we get moving, it just works. This is now slowly spreading to other departments. Our confession rate has sky rocketed. My bigest hurdle is getting cops to READ THE BOOK and PRACTICE THE BOOK (we now call it THE BOOK).

What would the cost be to get you to Terre Haute Indiana to train? We would be offering the class to all of the surroundind agencies to cover the costs.

Det. Mile Phelps
Vermillion County, Indiana

We Get Confessions Seminar

On behalf of the Lewiston Police Department I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your professional and informative interrogation/Interview Seminar.

The police officers learned new interrogation techniques for successfully obtaining quality confessions in all areas of law enforcement. We are very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to learn from the "best".
Thank you again for all your efforts. 

Sergeant Frank Previte
Lewiston Police Department

Entertaining and Informative

"Here is a book every police officer, who works the street and does investigations. will enjoy. It is written by a practical, no-nonsense, cop who understands the meaning of good and evil. ...All police officers should have a copy of this entertaining and informative book."

The Law Enforcement Trainer
July/August 1997

Here's a Book...

“Here is a book every police officer, who works the street and does investigations, will enjoy. It is written by a practical, nononsense, cop who understands the meaning of good and evil. …All police officers should have a copy of this entertaining and informative book.” 

The Law Enforcement Trainer

...got a ton out of it and still refer to your book for advice...

Lt. Joseph, I took this class with you a while back while I was a cop in Connecticut and got a ton out of it and still refer to your book for advice. I would like to share with you an interview that I did with a sex assault suspect, where I used the skills that you instructed. The short version of the story is that I used the power of "God", and would make the sign of the cross every time I would ask him a question (327 times). The "too close" for his comfort, my knee was basically touching his groin and I would place my hand on his shoulder when he would put his head down in remorse. I would later learn from this suspect that he also was put off by my breath (I think that is a new one for you!), it had been over 6 hours of an interview and I had been feeding the both of us coffee and soda and burgers. The interview was a success and I got the confession/conviction.

I am now chief in northern Maine and as I have already said this class has a value and the officers up here are tired of me talking about it. However, this class is just over 3.5 hours away from us. What are the chances you are coming even further north? Or could we host a class here for you, that would pull from the departments in this area?


Craig Worster - Chief of Police
Millinocket Police Department

Cherokee County Sheriff's Department

It has been a great pleasure to have hosted your class this past two years. There is little doubt that during my time in Law Enforcement I have never attended a class which produced so much practical information in so little time. Further, it is rare to find a two day class for less money.

I have been asked why we host your class if there is no financial gain for our department. I always answer by saying that the gain is tremendous and is reflected in the high number of solved cases our department now has. It is my intention to make this class mandatory for every member of my department who wears a badge. We have had no unsolved homicides of other major crimes since I have been in office and I attribute that (to a high degree) to having officers who were trained to not just interview people, but to get confessions.

Also of particular importance to me was the fact that unlike many other courses I have attended, officers in your course always return to class on time, and 100% of the attending officers attended the whole class. That is an accomplishment which speaks volumes for your ability to relate to the men and women for law enforcement. It is also unusual to have such a wide array of officers travel so far to attend a two day course. We have had, as you know, officers from Missouri State Water Patrol, Kansas Bureau of Investigation, Kansas State Fire Marshall's Office, Sheriffs Department, Capital Police, etc... all attend your class and word of mouth has made attendance in your course an honor among those who know.

I look forward to hosting your class year and year for as long as you continue to teach. God Bless you.

Bob Creech - Sheriff
Cherokee County Kansas

City of Fort Thomas, Kentucky

A number of months ago Detective Mike Jansen gave me a copy of your book "We get confessions". My first thought, as I began reading it was "This guy is no Shakespeare". My second thought was "He writes the way cops talk". And my third thought was "Hey, there's some good stuff in here". By the time I finished the book I knew that we needed to sponsor your seminar, which we did on September 19 and 20.

I blocked off those two days on my schedule because I wanted to see your Seminar for myself. I'm glad I did. It was entertaining, the time went fast, but the most important thing was that I saw for myself that you are teaching cops things that cops need to learn. On at least three occasions my officers and I traded looks over cases you described that dovetailed with cases we've had. On all three occasions the skills you teach might have saved us a monstrous amount of trouble and bad public relations.

By the end of the second day I not only knew I was going to order a copy of your book for everyone on my department, I also knew we were going to sponsor another one of your seminars. I realized, as a 27-year veteran in law enforcement, that what you teach is not just important to investigators but to street cops as well and I want my younger officers to learn these techniques now.

Steven J. Schmidt
Chief of Police

Monroe Community College - Public Safety Training Center

Albert Joseph has been instructing, teaching and facilitating law enforcement classes at the Monroe Community College Public Safety Training Center for over fifteen years. During this tenure Joseph has shown a "professionalism" in training that is unequal in law enforcement education.

The expertise he brings to all his subject matter plus his personal credibility in the investigation arena make these courses highly compelling. His commitment to deliver the highest quality of training to insure comprehensiveness and timeliness is paramount.

During this tenure Joseph has continually received "outstanding" and highly complimentary participant evaluations, reflecting the quality and current value of his presentations.

Albert Joseph is and "outstanding" instructor and motivator and is recommended at the highest level by this training center.

David A. Monk - Associate Director
Law Enforcement Education Program

El Paso Police Department

We Get Confessions is now mandatory reading for the El Paso Police Departments Detective Exam. Questions on the exam are taken directly from this book.

El Paso Police Department
El Paso, Texas

...quality information on efficient interrogation...

"We Get Confessions" has no pictures or illustrations, but the book is filled with a great deal of quality information on efficient interrogation.

March 1997

Montgomery Co. (Ohio) Sheriff's Office

"We Get Confessions" is an excellent teaching guide for investigators.

Lt. Dave Spaulding
Montgomery Co. Ohio

Marshall Police Department, Missouri

"Your book is the most widely used piece of material in the Marshall Police Department Library. It has been read or is being read now by 65% of my investigative and patrol officers. We have seen an increase in the confession ratio's from our officers who have read your book."

James B. Simmerman
Chief of Police - Marshall, Missouri

...secrets of getting valid confessions...

"This is the best book we've seen on the hard-core secrets of getting valid confessions from criminals. Written by a seasoned homicide detective, it describes hundreds of innovative techniques for getting a perp to open up and 'fess up."

Palidin Press

New Buffalo Police Department, Michigan

"I have read many interrogation books and attended several classes. Your book, WE GET CONFESSIONS, is by far, the best I have read and most useful ! The first week after having read the book and using tactics learned from the book, I was able to obtain four written confessions on a forgery complaint ! There was little evidence and a confession was the only way to obtain the warrants. By the way, all plead guilty."

Thomas J. Harken
Chief of Police - New Buffalo, Michigan

Montague Police Department, MI

"I wanted to take the time to thank you for writing such a fantastic book....Recently I interviewed a subject with over 20 years experience in the intelligence field while working for the military. The subject told me right at the beginning of the interview that he knew when to keep his mouth shut. I got a partial confession within 40 minutes. It was all I needed to make my case. It's doubtful that I would have got the admission if I hadn't used some of the techniques I read about in your book. "

Officer Shane D. Brown
Montague, Michigan


"I have read the book and, in my humble opinion, it is excellent! Can you please send me another 25 copies of the book for our next course--ASAP."

Deputy Brian Fitch
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department STARS Center

Orange, CT P.D.

"To make a long story short, I got the book and read it.... I think very highly of the book."

Alex Rudd
Orange, CT P.D.
list owner of POLICE-L
Orange County, NY.

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