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Lieut. Albert Joseph, Jr. [Ret.]

Lieut. Albert Joseph, Jr. [Ret.]

Ret. Lt. Al Joseph Jr. retired after 32 plus years with the Rochester, NY Police Department. During his tenure he was assigned in the following units as an Investigator and/or Supervisor in both Plainclothes and Uniform; Tactical, Detective Bureau, Burglary, Stolen Auto, Gambling, Prostitution, Robbery and Homicide.

Lt. Joseph is a certified Instructor in several States and has taught interview and interrogation for approximately 40 years throughout the United States and is the author of the book “We Get Confessions.”

Lieut. Albert Joseph, Jr. [Ret.]
Author, Course Teacher, New York State Certified Instructor

Here is just a brief outline of what you will learn from the Book and/or the Live 2 Day Course

LEGAL ISSUES: Miranda Decision (among others) when and how to Mirandize a suspect. Quit blowing cases because someone gave you the wrong information or you watch too much TV.
PREPARING FOR COURT: How to conduct lengthy interrogations and be prepared to answer any and all questions during Court proceedings. We arrest and we should help convict.
TRUTH AND DECEPTION: How to detect if a person is lying to you during any type interview.
GAME PLAN: An entire game plan for conducting all investigations from the crime scene to obtaining that all important legal confession.

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Do you need to improve your interrogation techniques?
Just a few of the more popular modules are...
 · The Miranda Decision
 · Preparing for Court
 · Truth and Deception
 · Suggestive Evidence
 · Actual Cases
 · Either Or Statements
 · Serial Killer Shawcross
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Our clients typically work in law enforcement
· Police officers & recruits
· Police departments
· Sheriffs
· Security agencies
· Probation and parole officers

Book discount from $29.95 to $19.95 available for law enforcement officers, recruits, police departments, sheriffs, security agencies, probation and parole officers.
$4.00 for shipping and handling per book.
Call for bulk/volume pricing: 585-330-1859 between the hours of 0900hrs. and 2100hrs, EDT

Bulk pricing is available and can save significantly on shipping costs.
If the law enforcement discount is already applied, we're sorry we cannot discount the cost of the book further; but, shipping can be reduced.
Call for bulk/volume pricing: 585-330-1859 between the hours of 0900hrs. and 2100hrs, EDT
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