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We Get Confessions ONLINE Video Training Course by Lieut. Albert Joseph, Jr. [Ret.]

We Get Confessions Online Video Training Course

We Get Confessions Online Video Training Course by Lieut. Albert Joseph [Ret.]

Here is just a brief outline of what you will learn from the Book, the Online Course and/or the Live 2 Day Course
Get all the training that was once only available on the DVD Video Training Series. [DVDs no longer sold]

LEGAL ISSUES: Miranda Decision (among others) when and how to Mirandize a suspect. Quit blowing cases because someone gave you the wrong information or you watch too much TV.
PREPARING FOR COURT: How to conduct lengthy interrogations and be prepared to answer any and all questions during Court proceedings. We arrest and we should help convict.
TRUTH AND DECEPTION: How to detect if a person is lying to you during any type interview.
GAME PLAN: An entire game plan for conducting all investigations from the crime scene to obtaining that all important legal confession.

Pricing: The cost of this popular seminar is only $150.00 per person, which includes a copy of the instructor's book valued between $19.95 to $29.95 when you take the live course or the online course.

Click HERE for the Online Course or click HERE for a PRINTER FRIENDLY flyer to print, fill out and mail page 2 with your payment.

If your department would like to host this live seminar, please contact Al Joseph at or cell: 239-482-6910 between 0900hrs. and 2100hrs, EDT

Online Video Course
Coming Soon

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